16 SVG Weather Icons – Animation Loops

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16 SVG Weather Icons - Animation Loops

Set of 16 weather / climate icons in SVG format and animation loops made with pure JavaScript. No libraries used. No SMIL animations used. Scalable to any size and entirely based on vector. 16 SVG files and 1 optional CSS file Colors can be edited through style sheet file (or directly through SVG attributes) Each SVG has its own JavaScript written inside, so no external JavaScript files Animation speeds can be controlled through JavaScript settings Separate speed settings for each element. For example speed of sun rotation, sun rays, cloud, rain etc List of icons: - Sunny (Clear Day) - Partly Cloudy - Partly Sunny - Cloudy - Drizzle - Rain - Snowy - Drizzle Sunny - Rain Sunny - Snowy Sunny - Clear Night - Partly Cl

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