3D Photo Wall – Advanced Media Gallery

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3D Photo Wall - Advanced Media Gallery

WordPress Plugin Version Update 06/8/2021: Improve gallery interactivity 16/1/2021: Add “useTransparency” option to support using transparency png 16/12/2020: Set device ratio on mobile devices 21/11/2020: Update Designer to support embedded link in gallery items. 14/11/2020: Implement antialiasing 12/11/2020: Add Photo Wall Designer, advanced admin backend allows uploading, editing and configuring the gallery using widgets and user interfaces. 10/11/2020: Add randomSorting variable, allows items to be sorted in sequence Introduction A classic 3D wall of photos with 2 modes “flat” and “curve” with lot of configurations. Component Architect Every UI elements are designed as separated components from the ground up. Components are lo

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