Activate/Deactivate a Webpage

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Activate/Deactivate a Webpage

Activate/Deactivate a Webpage/Folder on your website DESIGN YOUR “MERRY CHRISTMAS” OR “HAPPY NEW YEAR” PAGE IN ADVANCE AND SET THE PAGE TO AUTO SHOW ON THAT PARTICULAR DATE!!! ACTUAL URL OF A PAGE CAN BE HIDDEN FROM VISITOR. Example: If your page has a download file link the real URL of the page will be never revealed OR ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE WEBSITE FOLDERS TOO The function of this script is to Activate/Deactivate a certain web page/website folder at a certain date and time. This date and time can be any time in the future, may it be set to 2012 or 2025 or in that case 2069 too. (Time zone is GMT) Kindly read the FAQs Setting is extremely simple (absolutely NO php skills required) 1) Set the deactivate time in SS,MM,HH format 2)

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