Block Puzzle Wild (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

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Block Puzzle Wild (Admob + GDPR + Android Studio)

Simply drag and drop the block shapes onto the grid in order to create vertical or horizontal lines and earn as many points as possible. Only full lines will be destroyed, so plan ahead and keep an eye on the available pieces. The game is over if there’s no space left on the grid to place a block. Features – Designed for phones. – APK 64 Bits – Supports both APPLIANCES ANDROID ARM & x86. – Admob Ads : Banner and Interstitials CHANGE LOG version 2021-10-11: =========== - Update to API-30 build tools 31.0.0 - Improve the loading of the game - Remove cordova plugins version 2020-04-15: - New skin. - Improve the quality of the code - Integrat

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