Count the Sheep – HTML5 Game

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Count the Sheep - HTML5 Game

Count the Sheep is a HTML5 game where you have to move the fence from side to side to avoid the sheep so they can get across to other side, count as many sheep as you can to get high score. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To Play: 1. Use finger or mouse to move the fence. 2. Help the sheep to jump across the fence to score. Add-ons: This game is compatible with Scoreboard for HTML5 Games, it is a add-ons page where user can submit score and view top 10 leaderboard. You can get it here. Features: Game level settings (Speed, Sheep Appear Range) Complete customization (Text Display, Images) Basic options (Enter FullScreen, Mute Sound, Exit Game) Shar

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