Crack The Egg Clicker Game

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Crack The Egg Clicker Game

Crack the Egg to get the chick out!! in this awesome Clicker game The egg takes 40 crackings until its cracked. Features: - 2 Games included: 1 Egg / 10 Eggs games - Saved progress in the “10 Eggs” Version - Endless Fun, your kid will spend his time cracking the egg and you do anything else! - Mouse Cursor is a cool moving hammer - The Egg moves opposite to the direction you hit it ( on mouse platform ) - Capx files included - HTML5 game - Chick Comes out after you crack the 10th egg ( if you’re playing the 10 eggs version ) - All platforms fully responsive - Touch / Mouse Controls - Grouped game events for easy customization note: contact me for help or requests via message here on envato and you’ll receive help w

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