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CSS3 Ribbon Pack

Check out the HD video preview here CSS3 Ribbon Pack features a large collection of ribbon styles that are regularly used in websites. You get Wrapping Ribbons, Hanging Ribbons and Banner Ribbons. All ribbon styles come in 4 colour variations and you get 116 ribbon styles in total! Key Features are: 12 Wrapping Ribbons styles 6 Hanging Ribbon styles 11 Banner Ribbon Styles 4 colour variations Pure CSS3, no images The ribbons have a very simple html mark-up and all the various ribbons styles are achieved by just adding a few class names. NOTE: These ribbons work best in modern CSS3 enabled browsers which include Firefox 4.0+, Chrome 10.0+, Safari 4.0+, Opera 11.10+ and IE9+. CSS3 PIE and javascript has be

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