DeFinance – Ethereum DeFi plugin for WordPress

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DeFinance - Ethereum DeFi plugin for WordPress

This is an admin panel for uniswap-interface open-source code. Setup your own fork of uniswap.org to your own domain.

Q: if people swap what contract is it using?

A: Admin can deploy smartcontracts using a tool in the admin panel

Q: Do you have any access to the funds, code etc?

A: No, we don’t have access to users’ and admin’s money. But we can set 20% fee on admin earnings if you don’t have a license code. Please do not install copies found at unknown sites. Don’t worry this option is removable just activate your domain by emailing support@onout.org with your eth address, your domain and purchase code.

Q: can you do https://pancakeswap.finance/ clone?

A: this is the same, we do not provide custom development. but you can use farming and lottery plugin on a separate domain

Q: It does not work without liquidity providers? You have to add lp to any pair you want to trade? If I have liquidity on pancakeswap will my token be trade able on my swap? Or I have to add liquidity to my swap also?

A: yes, you need pairs with liquidity. You or another user must add the liquidity. To use both ways (own dex and pancakeswap/uniswap) use wallet dashboard interface

Q: How is liquidity maintained?

A: You or your users must create a pool. We do not provide liquidity for this, if you don’t want to provide liquidity please take a look on https://tools.onout.org/wallet/ which connected to big DEXes.

DeFinance - Ethereum DeFi plugin for WordPress

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