E-mailer, newsletter & mailing system

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E-mailer, newsletter & mailing system

Login: demo Password: demo Description Mailing system to organize marketing campaigns and sending newsletters. Program tested using 750.000 emails databse (min. req. PHP 7.x). full support SMTP DKIM (since ver. 1.28) full support Emoji.com (since ver. 1.28) Rotating SMTP servers without any limits (since ver. 1.23) ex. 3 smtp’s will work that way: 1 mail -> 1 smtp 2 mail -> 2 smtp 3 mail -> 3 smtp 4 mail -> 1 smtp 5 mail -> 2 smtpetc. ...till end of your campaign GDPR ready using: single/double opt-in option delete recipient on demand with unsbubscribe option enable/disable email tracking subscription widget generator for any website

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