EverNotes – iOS Universal Notetaking App Template (Swift)

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EverNotes - iOS Universal Notetaking App Template (Swift)

19 July 2021 • Updated latest designs with new design patterns • Resolved the crash on Facebook login • Updated code to the latest version of XCode and iOS 24 Apr 2020 • Implemented a new feature “Apple sign-in method” • Added the code to support iOS 13+ and Xcode 11+ versions • Fied the issues regarding newly added features in iOS 27 Aug 2019 • Updated Design of login and signUp screen using views and shades and by rounded corners with shades. • Improved the design of Home screen list view by adding table view and added views with shaded corners. • Improved the design of making notes with audio, video, and text by adding views and shades with rounded corners. • Adjusted all screens des

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