Flutter AWS Cognito Auth

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Flutter AWS Cognito Auth

Flutter AWS Cognito Authentication gives you ready to use code for social authentication with Email/Password, Phone Number, Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook. Updates:- - Null Safety (23-02-2022). - Sign In with Facebook (11-04-2020). Features:- - Easy to use. - Sign Up - Sign In - Verify Email Address - Forgot Password - Change Password - Cognito user Session Upcoming Features:- - Sign In with Amazon. - Sign In with Google. - Sign In with Apple. - Phone Number with OTP. - MFA - Edit User Details Have any Question? Email: info@boffincoders.com Skype: boffincoders@outlook.com About Boffin Coders PVT LTD. Boffin Coders is a App Development and Web Development Company in Mohali, India. We have expertise in .NET, NodeJS, Angular, Rea

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