FTP2FTP – Server to Server File Transfer PHP Script

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FTP2FTP - Server to Server File Transfer PHP Script

1st FTP 2 FTP Transfer Script Ever in Codecanyon … FTP2FTP is a PHP Script which will make transfer from one Server to Another. Simply it’s FTP Server (Sending) to FTP Server (Receiving) file transfer software. FTP2FTP does not use any Database, so very easy to install and run. Once you connect both Source and Designation FTP Account Settings, the script will let you to select files from Source Server and Start transferring to Designation FTP. AJAX plays more…. Everything related to transferring and viewing files of both FTP Servers are AJAX based. So it makes easy for users to transfer their files and view then inside the Designation FTP. Also it’s possible to View and Download files from both servers. Deleting files is made only fo

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