Hangman 7 letter – (HTML5 & CAPX + Admobs) Game

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Hangman 7 letter - (HTML5 & CAPX + Admobs) Game

The Hangman Game is a potential activity of letters in an interactive form that puts a challenge of solving the word in only seven assumptions… Each word is randomly loaded, stored in direct source code! Note: (Does not use any external files such as .xml or .txt) You will be invited to discover the random parallels (from a set of 110 words). You must “guess” the correct answer using the mouse or touch. You have all the time you need to answer every question because we do not add countdown! Find out the word and solve the puzzle as quickly as possible, without harming your character! Characteristics: Essential for children and adults of all ages. ✓ Done with construct2. ✓ Checked for collected stars. ✓ Suppor

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