HTML Before-After Viewer – jQuery plugin

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HTML Before-After Viewer - jQuery plugin

For the Wordpress plugin version you must look at this file Main Features Gallery that can show one or a list of before/after items Lightbox feature that can let users open and see images full-window Fixed or Responsive size Gallery can be use in 3 different ways: – Simple page block – Simple page block with lightbox button – Lightbox only, that can be opened by a button Option to add a link on item captions Ability to use simple images, without the before&after tool UPDATE LOG BIG UPDATE: 11 May 2013 – Version 2.0 New additions: - lightbox feature - tweaks to improve compatibility with uses in tabs - support for links on captions - a code generator tool, to help easy generate viewer code. Version 1.5 – 26-dec-2012.

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