Icarus All In One Page Redirect Plugin for WordPress

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Icarus All In One Page Redirect Plugin for WordPress

Redirect visitors based on a multitude of predefined rules Redirects happen very often in our life. Even Icarus from the greek mythology got ‘redirected’ when he flew too close to the sun! What is this plugin about? Icarus All In One Page Redirect WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool to make page redirection related stuff extremely simple. - Page not found redirection? Random post redirection? Login/logout redirection? Https/http/www/non-www redirection? Comment/attachment redirection? Maintenance mode/Coming soon page? Time/referrer/os/username/device type/login type/ip/country/language/browser redirection? - No problem! What Can You Do With This Plugin? Icarus gives you the ability to shorten your affiliate ugly links and keep tra

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