jCountdown Mega Package

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jCountdown Mega Package

jCountdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin, you can easily to use it on your site, you can try some different setting at preview page, and check all properties and methods at below if you want to it on WordPress site, please check the WordPress version jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress Update Log v1.1.3 03/02/2022 fix bug about can’t works on some version of jQuery v1.1.1 02/12/2012 fix bug about can’t correctly parse some timeText format v1.1 11/27/2012 add new properity width and displayLabel, and now texts won’t warp, all texts will display in one line Properities timeText (String) – Year/Month/Date Hour:Minute:Second timeZone (Number) – GMT number style (String) – Flip, Slide, Metal or Crystal

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