jQuery iOS Checkboxes

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jQuery iOS Checkboxes

Description I created this plugin to easily enable the iOS 5 + 6 style checkboxes in HTML development. It is completely customisable with CSS for advanced users or the JS call can be modified to allow for simple tweaks like the colour, or the border-radus to turn the checkboxes into iOS 4 style. I was keen to make the checkboxes without the need for images so it can be modified quickly, because of this i had to use CSS 3 which means that older browsers will be effected but it does degrade gracefully. To make the code base shorter, for perfect results use jQuery 1.8+ as this includes browser prefixing support. Features iOS4, iOS5, iOS6, iOS7 UISwitch 100% CSS3 for complete customisability Ability to change the Checked Colour Any text for

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