Light way – HTML5 logic game. Construct 2 (.capx)

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Light way - HTML5 logic game. Construct 2 (.capx)

Place the mirror so that a ray of light reached the prism. UPDATES 17.02.2016 Fix 10 level FAQ FOR USE CONSTRUCT 2 PROJECTS These are the most frequently asked me questions. Answers are not only for this game, but also to all my games. I hope this helps you. If not, you can always write me an email through my account profile Can I embed a game in HTML5 frames? Yes. Construct 2 allows you to export the game to HTML5 format. After that you can do with it whatever you want. If you need to embed the game into HTM5 frames, then it is not a problem This game will work on Android (IOS)? Some of my games work only in HTML5 format. They require the use of the mouse cursor that is not possible on a mobile device. Learn whether to ru

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