Modulio for Android – News/Directory/Wallpapers/Music/City App

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Modulio for Android - News/Directory/Wallpapers/Music/City App

Is it a template for me? Modulio is a truly versatile template. If you want to create a platform to distribute content, be it to share recipes or to create an app to share your favorite videos with your friends. Publish content from our backend (to various categories in your app). Universal supports html/text, images, videos, apps (apk), music/audio, files & links so you can share anything. A combination of multiple things is also possible; let’s say you would like to share an app using Modulio, you can add a title, description, the apk file and screenshots and a video to 1 listing! What apps can I create with Modulio? Modulio will magically adjust to the content your publish. Thats why there are so much sorts of apps you can create

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