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Nexo Print Server

Nexo Print Server is a Windows application build with Electron which easy the printing process with NexoPOS and Gastro. This solution is really useful if you would like to : Get rid of Browser popup Get rid of Google Cloud Print latency Something which works offline Auto Launch on Windows Startup Support Logo System Requirements Require Architecture x64 & x86 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Works Only with Thermal Printer with 80mm inches : TM-T20II is recommended = v2.5.3 : 2019.08.20 - Added : makes Nexo Print Server to run on the tray = v2.5.2 - Added : makes NPS to support printing base64 png images. = v2.4 : 2019.06.04 - Fixed : print goes always to the default printer - Updated: version and about = v2.2 : 2019.01

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