Okto*: The power of geometry

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Okto*: The power of geometry

Okto: The power of geometry A game of hand-eye coordination and reflexes This game is build upon the Phaser.io gaming framework and can be compiled via Phonegap Build for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices or played as a web-based game.View live sample of how it can be compiled at Google PlayStore Okto Check out some user testimonials: Highly addictive. Use protection case on your phone when you play it. I love it Enjoyed it immensely! nice!!!! it’s good fun and pretty tough to keep it up! Game Features Include: Build-in High-score system Build-in Achievements and unlocks Sound manager and preloader Excellent performance on 95% of the devices tested, 60fps on all modern browsers Build with Phaser.io framework, which features active f

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