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PHP Soccer

PHP Soccer is a PHP class that allows you to easily generate soccer formations in your pages. If you have a website about soccer you can finally preview a match and show the possible lineups, review a match and visually represent the formations or talk about your perfect Real Madrid formation and get the opinions of your users. Basic Implementation With the Basic Implementation you will be able to create a generic soccer formation simply by adding the names of the players: //create an object of the PhpSoccer class $juventus = new PhpSoccer; //set the names of the eleven players $juventus->players = array('Buffon', 'Chiellini', 'Ogbonna', 'Bonucci', 'Asamoah', 'Marchisio', 'Pirlo', 'Vidal', 'Lichtsteiner', 'Morata', 'Tevez'); //print

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