Projectopia WP Project Management – Envato Add-On

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Projectopia WP Project Management - Envato Add-On

Projectopia ENVATO ADD ON This is an add-on plugin for the core Projectopia Project Management Plugin. The Projectopia Envato Add-On allows Envato Authors to manage support tickets / tasks / development from buyers who have purchased any of their items. It uses the Envato API to check purchase codes & Support Entitlement, ensuring that the information is always up to date each time a support ticket is raised. Note: Version 2.1 uses the new Envato Market API. You will need to create a personal token here / and use the new token in the API Key field of the Projectopia Envato Add-On Settings. QUICK LAUNCH 1. Download and install Projectopia (4.0.0+) 2. Download and install the Proje

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