Raxus Slider / Easy-to-Use Advanced HTML5 Slider

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Raxus Slider / Easy-to-Use Advanced HTML5 Slider

Raxus Slider is HTML5 Slider with Easy-to-use and Advanced features. No more edit in javascript files. You can change features you want with HTML5 data-attributes. WHAT IS RAXUS SLIDER? Raxus Slider is simply image and slide gallery. You can slide easily any image and text with this slider. There is no need to edit javascript code for these options that you will see. And some HTML5 attribute features will help you during this time. Let’s start to browse Raxus Slider features, options and see how to use. FEATURES & OPTIONS THUMBNAIL POSITIONS You can select top, bottom, left and right position for thumbnail shown. Or you can remove thumbnails. VERTICAL SLIDE Raxus Slider can slide two way. Vertical and horizontal.

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