React Native Firebase Social Authentication

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React Native Firebase Social Authentication

React Native Firebase Social Authentication gives you ready to use code for social authentication with Google and Facebook using react native 0.67.3 version. Download APK Update – 19-09-2022 Reset password done with firebase. Update – 16-09-2022 Fixed bugs. Update – 24-08-2022 User signup with upload profile photo on firebase storage and save in database. Update – 23-08-2022 Authentication with phone number done in firebase. Update – 18-08-2022:- React-native version updated and code methods change in latest syntax 16-08-2022. Social Authentication done both sides IOS and Android Update – 22-08-2022:- Apple sign in done on both sides Android & IOS - New Theme Added (Sign In Screen, Sign up Screen) Update – 27-11-2019:- - New Theme Adde

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