React Native Social Dating App

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React Native Social Dating App

What’s New?1) Update the mobile react native version from 0.63 to 0.66. 2) Admin panel (Web Application using React Js)  Legendbae is a dating application with a firebase backend. It’s developed in React Native Framework. Which support iOS and Android devices.Legendbae is different from another dating application. Legendbae is connected to two people. Legendbae have a seeker feature. On the seeker feature, you can send a seeker request to nearby users. First, you can send a request. after acceptance, you can chat & meet with your suggested location for tea dating, movies dating, etc.    Legendbae have many features like a swipe gesture, social login, filter, matches, chat, seeker, and notification, etc. Legendbae contains 35+ screens. A

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