RegEx Extractor – Extract Everything Simply !

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RegEx Extractor - Extract Everything Simply !

Only 3 on 5 stars ?! Oh, I’m sure that some people have invalid regular expressions… Because RegEx Extractor works like a charm ! And I’m sure about that Update 2.3 I fixed few stupid bugs and fully recoded the support of HTTPS URLs. All should be working properly with this new version but if you find any issue, just let me know Update 2.1 Few improvements and fixes. New option : RAW (it will save raw source-code of the page you try extract datas ; extremly useful to optimize your regular expressions). Support of pages 7x heavier. Update 2.0 Massive update ! Now the software is fully multithreaded (extract on up to 500 URLs simultaneously). The regular expressions library is easy to use (copy one regex to clipboard in one click). A lot

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