Secure GPS Tracker using Traccar

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Secure GPS Tracker using Traccar

GPS Tracking is a mobile application to manage GPS tracking devices. It requires a Traccar server instance to work. By default application is configured to use free demo Traccar service. To manage devices you need to register user on Traccar demo. If you have your own private server just tap setting icon in Login Screen enter your own URL start using it.

Secure GPS Tracker using Traccar


  • User Friendly
  • Live Tracking
  • Send Command using TCP
  • Live Speed, Static and offline time
  • Manage GPS device Informations
  • Traffic and satellite layer
  • Report & Playback
  • Push Notification(FCM Supports above 4.0 all other version support local push notification same like FCM)
  • Ad Mob and Firebase Integrated

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