ShopNx – Angular8 Single Page Shopping Cart Application

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ShopNx - Angular8 Single Page Shopping Cart Application

Ecommerce web app using Angular8 + NodeJS + MongoDB Working on the bleeding edge technology VueJS 2.0 (Arialshop) and make new versions rather quickly, so the old versions are getting old fast. The new(vuejs) version loads twice fast as this and feels breeze to work with. The learning curve is so smooth and the framework has better scalability Demo: Documentation: Installation Video: Email: support@codenx.com Update 26-May-2020 Added an linting processor and prettier Upgraded all packages Fixed some small update bugs Update 12-Oct-2019 Upgrade to Angular – v8 New script: `yarn live` for deploy to heroku Update 16-Nov-2017 1. Upgraded to Angular-8 2

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