Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service

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Simple Clipboarder with URL Shortener Service

Simple Clipboarder 1.7 with URL Shortener ServiceMarch 13th 2022 allows you to offer/have a multilinguage, online clipboard to share texts and URLs between different devices – URL Shortener Sevice and Syntax Highlighter included since SCB 1.7 code fixes and support for PHP8 (8.1.3) since SCB 1.6 added clickable URLs since SCB 1.51 small update to preserve QR-Code feature after Google has changed their Chart-API-URLs since SCB 1.5 anther Bootstrap 2.3.2 dropdown issue fixed, added Syntax Highlighter, some other changes and modifications – more info can be found in the changelog below … since SCB 1.4 fixed Bootstrap 2.3.2 issue with dropdown menu items on mobile devices since SCB 1.3 just a small fix f

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