The New Atlas Editor (Spritesheet Editor for .atlas file)

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The New Atlas Editor (Spritesheet Editor for .atlas file)

Video Demo: This Software can be used to edit Spritesheets which are made using .atlas file. Atlas file are very good for spritesheets, as they can pack multiple Spritesheets information in 1. Using this software you will not realise that you are editing 3 spritesheets as we take care of that internal hassle of placing your sprites in the Pixel Perfect position using the .atlas files data. Now you can use this tool to edit Atlas Spritesheets of Spine, Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx, Unity. Features: 1: Edit every single sprite in Atlas right from the software. 2: Extract all the sprites. 3: Merge Back all sprites at once. 4: Merge Back one sprite at a time within our Software W

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