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Traffic Generator Bot - BotBear

¡BotBear is the only tool you need to automate any web task and submit traffic to your website or videos and get monetization using any quality residential proxies!

BotBear is easy to use, since it was developed as a google chrome extension which makes it much more effective, and very difficult to detect as a bot, since it uses a real browser, and if you use good quality residential proxies it would be even more difficult to detect and could monetize anything.

Traffic Generator Bot - BotBear


  • compatibility with all proxy protocols
  • You can use real references (create a history and store real cookies)
  • Multiple URLs
  • Fixed time and random time
  • Fixed view and random view
  • programmed campaigns
  • ghost browser compatibility
  • script injection
  • notifications by telegram
  • You can open multiple links at the same time
  • Click on any item, ads, popunder, etc.
  • Fully configurable
  • redirect options to other links
  • interaction and navigation between pages
  • The bot can send traffic to your site (24/7)
  • Filter images, videos, fonts, css, js
  • Control a real mouse
  • Organic search from search engines

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