TuneVoyage – Smart Links & Follow To Download (Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Soundcloud/Mixcloud)

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TuneVoyage - Smart Links & Follow To Download (Spotify/YouTube/Deezer/Soundcloud/Mixcloud)

Your own smart links and download gates on your own artist/label website! This is not a wordpress plugin. The script is NOT SaaS ready and does not support user registrations. For new buyers: SoundCloud do not currently allow new APPs to be registered. This means you will not be able to create download gates via their service. However, anyone who already has a SoundCloud APP that works with TuneVoyage can still use that feature without any problems. Demo Download Gate: View | Smart Link: View | Bridge (Combined): View | Catalog: View | Admin Zone: View. TuneVoyage is a web based application and catalog, that combines two powerful marketing tools to help musicians, bands, labels and other content creators organically grow their fan base

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