WooCommerce MetaMask Wallet

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WooCommerce MetaMask Wallet

WooCommerce MetaMask Wallet Payment Gateway Integration. MetaMask wallet is an online web3 wallet for managing, transferring and receiving BTCIX (Bitcolojix), ETH (Ethereum),BNB (Binance), MATIC (Polygon), AVAX (Avalanche), Fantom Opera (FTM), Huobi ECO Chain (HT),Cronos (CRO),KuCoin (KCS), BSC BEP20 tokens, Ethereum ERC20 Tokens, Polygon (MATIC) ERC20 tokens. Features Secure, Fast and Reliable Checkout Process. Easy and Manageable Extension Settings. Environment Mode supported Testnet and Mainnet MetaMask Payment Button on the Checkout page Mobile Browser Supported You can use your stable coins and custom tokens for WooCommerce Shop Currency EVM ERC 20 Tokens Supported Bitcolojix (BTCIX) Network Ethereum (ETH) Network Binance S

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