Zoomy – High-res Zoomable Image Viewer

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Zoomy - High-res Zoomable Image Viewer

Zoomy is a script that lets you quickly and easily create a high-res zoomable image viewer anywhere in your website. Perfect for maps, eCommerce product images, or any other kind of high-resolution image. All it takes is copying and pasting a short snippet of code. It’s cross-browser compatible, works on desktop and mobile devices, doesn’t require third-party scripts like jQuery, and is built using modern Javascript development practices. Features Zoom In/Out – Use the zoom buttons on any device, your mousewheel on desktop, or pinch-to-zoom on mobile. Pan – Click and drag on desktop, touch and swipe on mobile. Fullscreen – A button that expands the viewer to actual fullscreen mode, not just the maximum size of the web pag

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